Within the fight to Tag Salty, Fatty and Salty foods in Canada

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The group was becoming restless. It was nearing the conclusion of an all-day meeting and, despite hours round the table, they were atnbsp;loggerheads.

The goal of this September Health Canada meeting was for government, health groups and the food industry to sit down together and narrow down a list of possible layouts for labels that government will make compulsory for meals and drinks. Any packed food high in sugar, salt or saturated fat is going to need to be tagged asnbsp;such. read more

I will be attending my first formal wine tasting, hosted by the winemaker. Any advice?

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The question

I will be attending my first formal wine tasting, hosted by the winemaker. Any advice?

The answer

Congratulations, you’re going to become an official nerd. Welcome to the club. I have a few ideas: read more

How severe will this flu season be? A look at the key factors experts are monitoring

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It’s that time of year again when clinics and pharmacies offer flu shots, hospitals get ready for a surge of sick patients, and caregivers of young children and the elderly brace themselves for a winter of coughs, fevers and sniffles. read more

A Search to get men to the kitchen

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This is the fourth story in a four-part show on men’s health. Other stories in the series are linked to nutrition, low-intensity actions and high-intensitynbsp;actions.

Having a thick Scottish accent and a hearty laugh, Toronto-based chef Peter Graben indicates that middle-aged guys do not know how to cook because their mothers never taught them while growingnbsp;up. read more

Best of the west: Top red wines from British Columbia

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Among the most notable Canadian reds I have had the joy of uncorking — or, rather, unscrewing — so far this season ranks nowhere near the most expensive. At $26.95 at B.C., it is downright easy on the Visa alongside a lot of pinot noirs from, say, Prince Edward County or Niagara in addition to a tractor-full of Bordeaux-style, merlot-cabernet Okanagan blends. read more

Recipe: Seared scallops with sweet-and-sour Brussels sprouts

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In October, Brussels sprouts reach the summit of the autumn seasonality and yield a more intense flavour. There are a number of ways to serve brussel sprouts, but my favorite is seared in a pan with caramelized the advantages that make a crunchy, charred bite that complements savoury autumn dishes. read more

Protein for guys — just how much of a good thing is too much?

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This is the first story in a four-part show on men’s health. Besides nutrition, other stories in the show will be associated with low-intensity and high-intensitynbsp;actions.

It is the fuel that drives Jeff Warden’s day — an early-morning beverage packed with egg whites, grapefruit juice, frozen fruit and fresh banana, all laced with whey proteinnbsp;powder. read more

Too much leftover Halloween candy? Try these four recipes

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The magic of Halloween is that any candies eaten on All Hallow’s Eve is calorie-free, at least in our own hearts. The actual problem is that the leftover candy that sticks around for days or weeks. Even in homes without a trick-or-treaters, those miniature chocolate bars appear to be everywhere. read more

E-cigarette users more likely to smoke tobacco, Research suggests

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As the federal government moves toward regulating vaping goods in Canada, public-health specialists throughout the nation have been divided over the possible benefits and harms of e-cigarettes. A specific point of contention is whether e-cigarettes encourage young people to take up smoking. read more

In new book, astronaut Scott Kelly describes the Psychological, physical demands of space travel

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During his 340-day mission aboard the International Space Station, Scott Kelly breathed carbon dioxide around ten times the amounts on Earth. He lived three spacewalks and also did a television interview partway through emergency procedures to prevent a defunct satellite hurtling toward him at 28,000 kilometres annbsp;hour. read more